Going through a divorce is a highly traumatic time that can easily become a brutal, ugly, nasty mess between even those with the best of intentions. When two people start to get a divorce, they rarely realize the full extent of the length or complications involved in the process. Many couples think that using an attorney to guide them through the process will simply make it more acrimonious rather than less so. In reality, having attorneys working through the process can actually make things go far smoother than trying to work through the process yourself. Here are 4 reasons you want to hire a Salt Lake City Divorce Attorney.

1. They can help you not get a divorce

It is a common misconception that divorce attorneys are like ambulance chasers just looking for clients. In reality, most divorce attorneys would actually prefer to help their clients not get divorced. A good divorce attorney will sit down with their clients, explain the realities of the entire process and encourage them to seek therapy, counseling or other means of settling their differences before legally parting ways. Most couples will seek the services of a divorce attorney at some time, but only a portion of them actually follow through all the way to the full dissolution of their marriage.

2. They are unemotional

During a divorce, tensions run high. Deeply buried emotions can come flying to the surface, causing people to act in completely uncharacteristic and irrational ways. Even the calmest, most mild-mannered individuals can become highly emotional and suddenly find themselves behaving in uncharacteristically extreme ways during a divorce. This is why it is best to leave negotiations to individuals who have no axe to grind and no history with the opposing spouse. Contrary to the popular belief that attorneys actually make divorce more acrimonious, they can actually help keep things far more peaceful and civil.

3. They can help keep things fair, equitable and reasonable

Many times, a divorce will be the result of infidelity or some form of betrayal. In many cases, the person that committed the infidelity or betrayal can feel so guilty that they are willing to make even the most unreasonable concessions and give away everything as a means of making amends. In other cases, the injured party may use the divorce as a means of getting a form of revenge and seek to “take their spouse for all they are worth.” In the long run, however, a marriage that is more fairly dissolved in a more equitable fashion will work out best for both parties. The goal is to move forward free of the past and when a divorce is not handled well, it simply piles on additional emotional baggage that can last many years into the future.

4. They can help protect your children

Children are particularly subject to becoming emotional pawns between even the most well-meaning people. Each parent will most likely have very different parenting styles, which may seem perfectly adequate when the couple is married. When viewed through the highly emotional lens of divorce, however, many couples can suddenly begin to feel that the other person’s parenting style represents an actual threat to their children. Couples can often end up battling for custody more as a means of punishing the other person, rather than because the other person genuinely presents a legitimate threat to their children. Attorneys can help couples dealing with raging emotions to keep those emotions in check and keep the focus on the genuine well-being of the children.