Before choosing a defense attorney, you need to see if he is the right one for you. Thus, a face to face meeting should be done. Personally meeting an attorney is a must since you have to assess his credibility, your compatibility, and the success rate of your case. How do you do this? Asking the right questions will lead you to the best defense attorney. Here are 6 questions to ask an attorney to guarantee a successful defense:

  1. Will he offer a free initial session?

It’s important to find an attorney who will happily cater to all of your questions before you officially hire them. At the start of the meeting, ask for transparency right away. Don’t hesitate to ask if he has an initial fee for the consultation. It’s best that he doesn’t so that you can express your queries openly.

  1. Does he specialize in Criminal Law?

Since you are in need of a criminal lawyer, always consider asking his specialization. Unlike doctors who are particular with representing a field, lawyers can choose any case they want. Though this is fine, hiring an attorney who is an expert at criminal law will significantly boost your chances of winning a case. Thus, ask if he practices criminal law on a regular basis and sees if this satisfies you.

  1. What is his payment method?

Aside from asking about the initial consultation fee, you also need to know what his payment method is. Sometimes, not being on the same page will only lead to financial crisis so before you sign a contract, ask how will you pay them and see if this works for you.

  1. Has he had a Case like yours?

It’s perfectly fine to ask for evidence and records if the attorney has had cases like yours. If he does, he is more likely able to assist you and defend you successfully. If not, you can choose not to hire him or give him a chance. However, if your case is crucial, it’s safer to choose attorneys who have a high success rate in cases similar to yours.

  1. Who will handle your case?

Don’t forget to ask who will exactly handle your case. Sometimes, a firm won’t mention unless you pry thus only settle if you are certain and satisfied with the assigned attorney for you.

  1. Is he accessible?

If he can’t fully cater to your needs anytime, don’t settle for this kind of attorney. Always know how often you need him so that you can ask him his consultation time and schedule. You’d want an attorney who’s like a partner to you. Thus, ask beforehand if he can keep up with your needs. Just like Moses and Rooth, a firm should be able to provide you with a reliable attorney who will match to your needs.

Final Thoughts

Criminal cases are very stressful. Hence, the ideal attorney should be your partner during these moments as they will be able to guide you towards a successful defense. With these questions, you will definitely find an attorney who can expertly handle your case.

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