If you know of someone in your life headed down the wrong path, can you help them?

For too many people, the unfortunate answer is no.

Despite good intentions, the person they’re trying to help simply doesn’t want it or has chosen their path in life.

What ends up happening is the individual goes to jail, for a very long time in some cases.

When you have someone close to you drifting, should you feel obligated to assist them?

If so, what steps to take to get them the help they need?

Be on the Lookout for Warning Signs

Although you do not have a crystal ball in front of you, some trouble signs can appear with someone close to you.

Among them:

  • Pulling back from society in general
  • Losing interest in work and other activities
  • Avoiding proper eating and/or exercise
  • Getting hooked on painkillers or other substances

When any such signs appear to you, getting that individual help as soon as possible proves key.

That said what do you do if the individual breaks away from you?

While you worry about them, you’ve in the meantime lost contact. Could they end up behind bars?

Don’t Give up Hope

Even when there is a break-off in communication, you need to do all you can to give that individual hope.

As an example, what if that person is in fact in jail? Will you try and find out what circumstances led to this situation?

In trying to locate the person, you may end up needing to do a Georgia inmate search online. Such searches can take place for other regions of the country.

With that search, you can better track down where the individual is.

Knowing where they are and what the charges and conviction were for is essential. This will allow you to get them legal help if they did not already have it.

As for trying to turn their life around, keep in mind that only they can do that.

If they want to forge a new start moving forward, it is important for them to focus on the following:

  • Attitude – Above all else, a positive attitude is essential. As the old saying goes, you can’t help someone if they don’t want to help themselves.
  • Legal matters – Depending on the conviction, there may be an option for new legal help. Were they not represented with legal help at the time of their arrest and their conviction?


  • Family – In the event they have family other than you, are they willing to work within the legal framework to be free? Being able to reunite with loved ones can prove a great incentive for some to want to turn their life around.

Learn from Their Mistakes

When you see someone going or having gone down the wrong path in life, learn from it.

The last thing you want to end up doing is following their mistakes with your own.

Even in times when life gets you down, realize that things could always be worse.

Yes, that sounds like a silly way to look at things, but it is the truth at the end of the day.

In seeing someone close to you battling serious legal issues, make sure you do not end up joining them one day.



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