Given the number of drivers on the road, and the dangerous activities those drivers engage in while behind the wheel, it’s no surprise that a high number of accidents occur every day. In Utah, in 2015 (the last year for which figures are available), there were over 60,000 reported crashes.

Occasionally, crashes simply happen, and there’s no fault that can be assigned. Roadways get wet, some mechanical malfunction occurs to the vehicle, or there’s an unavoidable glare that causes a driver to miss seeing an obstacle in his path.

In many cases, however, automobile accidents happen because someone wasn’t paying attention. If you have been involved in one of these types of cases, you may very well find yourself in need of a Utah car accident lawyer.

According to the AAA Foundation for Traffic Safety’s annual Traffic Safety Culture Index, 40% of drivers say they’ve used their phone while they’ve been in control of a vehicle. This is despite the overwhelming evidence that texting while driving, or even using a hands-free device to talk on the phone, is not only dangerous, but downright deadly.

Of course, there are many forms of distracted driving. Texting and talking are just two of them. Accidents have occurred because of drivers eating behind the wheel, doing their makeup, changing the radio station, lighting a cigarette, reaching into the back seat to grab an item from their bag, or even just talking to a passenger. In other words, if you are driving, you need to make sure that all of your attention is on the road ahead and the other drivers around you.

Speeding is another major cause of traffic accidents, as are passing during dangerous conditions, not yielding when necessary, and otherwise flouting the laws of the road.

Perhaps the most well-known reason that drivers get into accidents is because they’ve been either drinking alcohol, or taking some form of drug. Impaired driving remains an enormous problem in the United States, and takes lives on a daily basis.

So, while there are many reasons that an accident could occur, there is really only path to take if you have been injured, or your car has been damaged, in an accident that was caused by another person’s negligence — and that is consulting an auto accident attorney. These attorneys have specialized knowledge and experience in the field of law that compensates injured parties and punishes those who are at fault, and they can help you in the wake of a crash.

Every accident is different, and there are angles to arguing a case in a court of law that might not be apparent to a layperson. That’s why securing the services of a lawyer is crucial when you are the victim of an auto accident. If you try to go it alone, file your own claim, or bring a suit against someone else, you may not end up receiving the full compensation to which you are entitled. Why take chances? Consult with an attorney if you have been involved in a crash.


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