The military is a job of protecting and serving the country with utmost dedication and pride. It is one of the most honorable jobs and military men are respected all around. But what if you or someone you love is charged with a crime in the military and face serious allegation. He/she will be presented with a court-martial trial and if the charges are proved, can face very serious punishments. Court-martial trial can change your military career, rank, and reputation for the worst. They can rip your family apart and you may also have to spend some years in Jail. From a respected official to a lowly criminal, your decision during the initial stage will decide your future.

As military personnel, it can be very devastating when someone falsely charges you with a crime. Whether it is sexual assault, homicides, drugs possession and selling, fraud with the military, etc, all types of charges will tarnish your own and your family’s reputation. This can lead to more personal and professional consequences. If you don’t want to suffer the fate of a military criminal, then you should hire the Tacoma court martial attorney from Law Office of Jocelyn C. Stewart.

Law office of Jocelyn C. Stewart is a military defense law firm that has many offices including Tacoma, Bremerton, Fort Bragg and Anchorage. They provide exceptional court-martial defense to their clients and clearing any false charges. These charges may otherwise destroy the career and honor of the military men. The Tacoma court-martial attorney will carry out an investigation to find evidence about your innocence. What determines the result of a court-martial is how dedicated a lawyer is to defend their clients and if they can prove their innocence.

The lawyers at Law office of Jocelyn C. Stewart are all experienced and well versed in the military law and its procedures. This factor is very important when hiring a Tacoma court martial attorney because the inexperienced lawyer will not be able to represent you. But this isn’t the case with Jocelyn C. Stewart. She is a court-martial defense specialist that knows what she is doing. All her moves in a hearing are calculated for the victory and this has been proven by the success rate of the law firm. When it comes to military defense lawyers, Ms. Stewart is the best in the business.

The principle of this court-martial defense law firm is not taking jobs in quantity but giving quality assistance to the needy. As a former prosecutor and military defense attorney, she knows all the ins and outs of a court-martial. No other military lawyers can even match her advocacy skills in the courtroom and outsmart her. A keen knowledge, cunning mind, and matchless advocacy skills, all make her the best Tacoma court martial attorney.  She is the best layered in the firm but isn’t the only experienced lawyer in the firm. There are many others lawyers that are as much qualified as her which makes the firm as a powerhouse of military law attorneys.

The lawyers at Law office of Jocelyn C. Stewart are able to undertake many types of cases including murder, rape, sexual assault, kidnapping, child pornography, domestic assault, sexual allegations, and fraud. Their expertise in the field is vast and all this is utilized in the service of the military. Unlike other lawyers who don’t even know how to represent their clients in a courtroom much less clear the charges on them. The Tacoma court martial attorney will follow the mandatory steps to ensure you get the freedom from any false allegations on you.


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