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No matter what the economic standing of a person is estate planning can be a critical element to protect assets. When Whitney Houston has made millions over her career, even she was subject to an absence of financial planning that can have an impact for years to come. Estate planning is a significant factor to look at in today’s world. Many people work hard, put themselves through school, work long hours at a job the through all this energy they are able to establish up their estate. However, with the many problems and people competing to get money in unprofessional ways, there are plenty of aspects that can take the estates of many. Through the process of estate planning you are able to shield the future of your estate and prepare financial security for your family. It can be a great relief to talk with an expert and know that your future is secured in the event of unexpected situations. With the use of wills and trusts many property owners of given the peace of mind they require to know that their estate will be managed in the manner they would prefer if the event occurs that they are not able to make the choices concerning to it themselves. Taxation as well as other pressures makes it important to have a well composed plan to guard the situation of your assets. Lately the case of Whitney Houston’s passing has been making news stories around the world. Much focus has been given to the latest death of the musical icon. One report that has since come out takes a different angle on the death of the artist. Known by millions and considered as one of the best voices of all time by many, the famous singer made a big fortune over her musical profession. She sold millions of records and had high paying deals with her record label. While she may have built a significant amount during her life time, latest news has revealed that the singer is in fact in debt. In 2001 she had signed a new deal with SONY record company, getting an in advance payment of $100 million which she would settle over the years through her record sales. Given that signing the deal Houston launched two albums Just Whitney and I Look to You, both of which did not do as effectively as they had expected. I Look to You just sold 2.5 million copies around the world, where Just Whitney did not do notably better with only 3 million sold. In the last Houston’s records averaged purchases of 12 million up to 25 million, the reason for the disappointment with her more recent album purchases. Now estimates are given that in order to settle the debt Houston owes to the record label she would need to sell 5 million albums. Though her death has increased the sale of her music it is not considerable enough to carry in the money that is wanted. The estate of Houston is not anticipated to be getting any royalty checks for quite some time, requiring to wait until after the debt to Sony has been settled. In the past Houston’s father had handled her singing career. Since has passing Houston did not put any person in that place, making her on her own to take her financial problem into account. The financial status of a personality can be quite important in today’s world. For those that have received large amounts through their work or those that simply have property they are looking to secure, it is vital to take the protection you desire to ensure that what is part of to you is shielded. You do not need to be a wealthy person to make an estate plan or form a will. Many men and women today have some kind of asset that is worth securing. Forgetting to be proactive in determining your estate and planning a financial and protective approach regarding it can put you in an unfavorable setting in the future. Rancho Bernardo Probate lawyer Steve Bliss go over your estate and talk about your optimisms for the future of it can not only guide you know that you are shielded, it can provide your relatives and loved ones’ higher assurance in the event that they take over your estate.